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Attention Texas Caregivers for Compromise families. This is long so hang in there with me. It applies to Texas and only Texas. And, it's time for your input.

You may remember some Facebook posts from long ago about meetings regarding the review and reorganization of the the Texas Administrative Code? No? Yes?

Okay. The Texas Administrative Code as it relates to Assisted Living Facilities has been reviewed in meticulous detail by a team from HHSC long-term regulation along with stakeholders including me and Genny Lutzel. This review has gone section by section one month at a time. The review/reorganization is intended to condense, clarify, remove duplications, bring rules in compliance with other laws, and address current issues in large and small assisted living facilities.

I believe it did that. I'll be looking over the draft and comparing it to my notes. But I will tell you in all humility that this was a huge learning curve process for me, stuff I did not have enough knowledge or experience to address, and certain compromises I believe we need accept. Nope, I do not remember what those compromises are. That's why I have notes. But the point is that no rule or law can be perfect. And we know this. That's why we are not Texas Caregivers For Perfect Justice.

However, YOU - yes, YOU - are a stakeholder as a consumer and a family member of a loved one in long-term care facility. Your opinion matters. Of course, it is possible that (like me) you will not understand certain things, have questions, have concerns, or want to fix things and some of those things may actually already be addressed in another rule somewhere else. That’s what the below email address is for. YOUR COMMENTS AND CONCERNS.

Email your comments and concerns by March 8, 2023.

Other stakeholders that participated on the reorg team included representatives from the Texas Long-term Care Ombudsman Office, AARP Texas, Texas Assisted Living Association (TALA), Leading Age, Texas Healthcare Association, The Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes (TORCH), The Senior Source, and various providers, experts, planning commissions, groups and people I can’t remember.

It has been a privilege - a distinct honor and privilege- to be included with this group and for Texas Caregivers for Compromise - YOU 3100 TEXAS FAMILIES - to be recognized as family stakeholders worthy of being represented in something as important as this.

We are Texas Caregivers for Compromise and we are #notgoingaway

Go HERE: to see the rules. It is the FIRST one in the chart.

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