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REMINDER: Please take time to submit remarks to the Senate Special Committee regarding your ALF experiences if you have not already.

We posted last week that The United States Senate Special Committee on Aging had held a hearing called Assisted Living Facilities: Understanding Long-Term Care Options for Older Adults, with the stated purpose by Chairman Robert P. Casey of exploring ways to "prioritize efforts to improve the assisted living option" and by Ranking Member Mike Braun to "hearing more about the challenges facing assisted living facilities, and how states and providers are working to meet the needs of their communities".

The committee is soliciting your experiences, stories, and concerns. You may email the committee directly at or read our previous post for testimony links and more information. Genny Lutzel and I have already submitted lengthy letters but cannot speak on your behalf. With at least 3100 Texans in this group, we should have lots of input for the committee!

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