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Loved Ones in Long Term Care Facilities

Texas Caregivers for Compromise believes the dignity and rights of loved ones in long term care have been overlooked in discussions and enactment of rules related to minimizing the spread  of Covid-19 in this vulnerable population. The focus has been on rolling trends, case numbers and statistics with little or no provision for the real and life threatening implications the isolation protocol has had and continues to have on people in long term care facilities. Window visits, phone calls, and virtual visits are exclusive of residents with dementia, Alzheimer's, and cognitive issues as well as blind and deaf adults.

Our loved ones are not pandemic guinea pigs, mathematic equations, or clinical data trends. They are flesh and blood people. They are people who gave us life. They are people we gave life to. They are people who have lived their lives along side us. They are people who have spent their lives contributing to the betterment of their communities and this world. They are people who lost their one and only precious lives while living in isolation. We believe they deserve their dignity, our respect, recognition, our public affection, and to be seen.

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