Our Advocacy Efforts

Texas Caregivers for Compromise has worked consistently since July 12, 2020 to advocate for visitation rights in long term care facilities. Our efforts have included four cornerstone projects in 2020 as well as letter writing campaigns, regular contact with our legislators including members of the House Human Services Committee and members of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, circulating a petition that gained over 25,000 signatures, fostering relationships with media heroes who have championed our cause in print, on radio and on television, held a rally at the Texas State Capitol, sent 300 signs traveling across the State of Texas, and published an advocacy book, "Saving Them to Death", which was mailed to Texas legislators.


In 2021, we are starting with a letter campaign and mailing "Isolation Kills, Too!" lapel pins to all 181 legislators in the state of Texas as well as flying the ultimate traveling sign over the Texas State Capitol via air advertising. An airplane will fly our "Isolation Kills, Too!" logo banner over Austin, Texas on March 12, 2021,  the anniversary of the  last day open visitation of family members was allowed in long-term care facilities.  


We have diligently kept up with all regulations related to long term care in Texas, fostered relationships with public officials, are working with our legislators, and are making every effort to represent our loved ones in an aggressive, and informed, manner. We still believe that when the people speak, those elected to represent them will listen.