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Texas Caregivers for Compromise has worked consistently since July 12, 2020 to advocate for rights in long term care facilities and help educate families in Texas.

Our efforts have included letter writing campaigns, regular contact with our legislators, a petition that gained over 25,000 signatures, fostering relationships with media heroes, a rally at the Texas State Capitol, a traveling sign campaign, an advocacy book, testifying at committee hearings, educational materials, an aerial advertisement that we flew over the Capitol, and participation in the development and subsequent promotion of SB-25 - Texas's Essential Caregiver Act, which was adopted in May, 2021 and took effect Sept 1, 2021 and of SJR-19 which became Proposition 6 and was adopted by the voters of Texas on November 2, 2021 as Section 35 of the Texas Bill of Rights. There have only been five other amendments to the Texas Bill of Rights since 1876!


We have diligently kept up with long-term care regulations, fostered relationships with public officials throughout the country, and are making every effort to represent our loved ones in an aggressive, and informed, manner. We still believe that when the people speak, those elected to represent them will listen.

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