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No Country For Old People

Dear advocate families, I'm participating in a project and am inviting you to join me. NO PRESSURE! A reporter back in 2020 called our group, "big, loud, and hard to miss". We have not had to prove that since the 88th session and that ugly bill that eroded ombudsmen advocacy, but it would be exciting if we could use some of that Texas caregiver muscle for this cause.


Filmmaker/writer/actor Susie Singer Carter's latest production is meant to shine a light on how the coorporatization (yup, real word) of the long-term care industry is creating harm, neglect, and abuse to our loved ones who live in facilities. The unfinished film is long and Susie says it may be multi-parts so not to lose critical information. I have seen a long version that she shared at the National Consumer Voice Conference earllier this month and it is, indeed, intense.

There are moments during the film when I felt like I was watching my own mother who died in 2021, Since she inspired me to start our group in 2020 and we have come so very far and accomplished more than any of us ever dreamed possible, something deep inside me feels obligated to commit to helping with this film.

However, the film, while also autobiolgrapical for Susie, uses testimonials from CNA's, nurses, doctors, elder care specialists, medical professionals and health care experts to expose the systemic crises taking place in our loved ones' homes. This is not just about Susie's mother. It's about the industry and the multiple crises taking place and how this industry will implode if we keep going like we are.

If you have been following the social media posts over the last several months, then you know that the long-term care industry says facilities will close if a staffing standard or care ratio is put in place. This film will explain what will happen to residents if we do not put those things in place!

It is my intent to make a large personal donation on behalf of Texas Caregivers for Compromise in honor of my mother and I am inviting you, our "big, loud, and hard to miss" group of families to join me if, after watching the trailer, this film is something you believe in, too. We have over 3,000 families. If each of us gave $10, we could make a substantial step toward helping complete this project.

National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-term Care is their fiscal sponsor (I'm not 100% sure what that means but it has to do with money) and you'll recognize some of the faces like Lori Smetanka, Dr. Wasserman, Ernie Tosh, and Mairead Painter who have become such valuable resources to us for education and advocacy over the past few years.

You can find more information about the film and Susie Singer Carter on the No Country for Old People website here. The site also has links to other trailers for the film.

Susie also has a short film called "My Mom and the Girl" that shows what it's like to live with a parent descending into Alzheimer's. It's brief and $2.99. You can buy it online here.

Donate directly to the "No Country for Old People" here.

Donate to Texas Caregivers for Compromise and join us in our group donation here.

NO PRESSURE! To each his own preference. If this is not something you want to participate in, you'll get no weird looks or sideways snorts from me! Hugs and thank you for your advocacy!

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