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Go HERE to comment on CMS's proposed staffing standards.

Social media is saturated with the industry's disengenuous and misleading arguments AND NOW comments by our legislators on both sides of the aisle are siding with the industry's opposition to even a bare minimum standard. PLEASE take a few minutes to comment. We have ALL SEEN what is happening in facilities that are not making a good faith effort to hire or retain staff and while I know that is not all facilities, the industry refuses to accept that it is MOST CERTAINLY a great many and enough to disprove their argument that there aren't people out there to hire.

And the part of the proposal NOT BEING PUT OUT THERE is that facilities MAKING A GENUINE GOOD FAITH EFFORT TO HIRE who are STILL UNABLE TO COMPLY are eliglible for WAIVERS year after year into PERPETUITY!

The staffing standard WILL NOT CRUSH THE INDUSTRY and will put no facility out of business. On the other hand, the industry (AHCA/NCAL) is not offering an alternative proposal to improve hiring and retention or invest in staff working conditions, salaries, benefits, education or do anything to improve the image and reputation of long-term care to make it more attractive than working at Buccees!

Without any staffing standard, residents will continue to experience compromised care including:

  • mistakes & oversights due to overworked staff

  • unanswered phones at the facility

  • locked doors so visitors cannot enter

  • residents wandering outside due to inadequate supervision

  • injuries, infections, dehydration, decline, and ER visits

  • poor hygeine, soiled clothing, and bedding

  • unclean rooms, lawns, and laundry

  • delayed meals, baths, and showers

  • increased potential for abuse and neglect

Helpful links:

  • Tutorial Video - How to Submit Comments to CMS Re: Proposed Staffing Standards

  • Turorial Video - Unpacking CMS's Proposed Minimum Staffing Standards

  • National Consumer Voice Help Page - tutorial, will walk you through the comment process and provide a link and a template if you need assistance - EASY PEASY! We are Texas Caregivers for Compromise and we are #notgoingaway!

  • Again, HERE is the link to comment.

As always, our 3100 families are the boots on the ground but it is the industry whose talking points are being parroted. Still, we are Texas Caregivers for Compromise and we are #notgoingaway!

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