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Texas Caregivers for Compromise - Who We Are

TEXAS CAREGIVERS FOR COMPROMISE is a group of residents, family members, and caregivers who support and advocate for the rights of people who depend on long-term care facilities to meet their needs. Our first and most critical reason for existing is to make sure in-person access to long-term residents is never again wholly denied and residents never again suffer the effects of forced isolation that resulted in extreme weight loss, accelerated disease, rapid cognitive decline and a loss of the will to live.

We do not advertise jobs, recommend facilities, or post sensitive or sensational stories about the reputations of long-term care facilities. One person's experience differs too greatly from another's and what harms long-term care harms our loved ones. However, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has a "Care Compare" site with resources that help discern quality of care when locating a facility.

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