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HHSC Reminds LTC Providers of Offsite Investigation Requirements (PL 2022-15)

HHSC has published Provider Letter 2022-15 - Offsite Review Responsibility Requirements (PDF).

The letter reminds facilities and agencies that they have the same obligation to respond to an investigation that HHSC conducts virtually and offsite as they do during an investigation that HHSC conducts in-person and onsite. This matters to us as essential caregivers as HHSC has started conducting more investigations virtually and offsite. Your visitation complaint could be conducted with the facility virtually.

If you are denied entrance to a facility as an essential caregiver, make sure to tell your facility that while you do not want to report them as non-compliant, you will if they fail to adopt the appropriate guidelines, follow HHSC essential caregiver rules, observe state law, and allow your loved one their legal access to physical and emotional in-person support from you. Report non-compliance to 800-458-9858.

Read the PL details here.

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