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HHSC ICF COVID-19 Expansion of Reopening Visitation Rules Expired June 16

Emergency rules for Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions that contain the COVID-19 requirements for visitation expired June 16. What does this mean? It means they must follow COVID mitigation rules but there are no emergency visitation rules in effect. If visitation is ever stopped again, they must follow Chapter 570 of the Texas Admnistrative Code.

The following rules expired June 16:

  1. 26 TAC §551.47 - ICF COVID-19 Response - Expansion of Reopening Visitation.

ICF providers are still expected to comply with §551.46, ICF/IID Provider Response to COVID-19 - Mitigation emergency rules. Visitation requirements for essential caregivers and clergy in a disaster can be found in Texas Administrative Code Chapter 570.

I know you have questions. I have them too. Let's ask them here in this thread or email Email questions to LTCR Policy.

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