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Contact the Senate HHS Committee Re: HB4220

Y’all have done so much already but please make a few more phone calls. I know it’s Mother’s Day weekend but we aren’t done yet and this will happen quickly. This bill is so very bad for residents and if it passes this session, providers will come back with another one next session that takes away even more of the ombudsman’s ability to help residents problem-solve.

You can leave a voice mail or answering machine message over the weekend or call Monday. Call these Senate Committee members who decide if the bill goes to the whole Senate AND call your Senator in case it does go to the Senate.

Meanwhile I’ll be updating our one-pager today and I’ll be back in Austin on Tuesday knocking on Senator doors. Thank you to those of you who have shared personal ombudsman stories with me. Anyone else that wants to send me an ombudsman related story to share may message it to me!

We are Texas Caregivers for Compromise and we are #notgoingaway!

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