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Buy and/or Donate to SAVING THEM TO DEATH - Texas's Second Edition Book in Support of EC Legislation

Updated: Jun 12

Y'all! It's here! This is our second Texas book. It is not like the first one which was full of our testimonies as we asked our legislators to pass an Essential Caregiver statute. Nope! That's done! This book details legislation filed that will give the other 49 states similar Essential Caregiver rights to what we have in Texas.

The books will be used as we ask our 38 House Reps in D.C. and two Senators (one, cuz the other is one of the bill authors) to support H.R. 8331 and S.4280, the Essential Caregiver legislation recently filed at the federal level!

The books are $4.19. They are softbound and easy for us to carry on a plane to D.C. or ship in a mailer.

But, we do need some funding help as there are 435 House Reps in Congress and 100 Senators and it is our hope to take this book to as many of them as possible once we secure the support of our own Texas representatives. We plan to do another less "Lone Star state" book for the other states that WILL contain testimonials and donations will help with that, too.


  1. Buy a book and mail to a House Rep yourself

  2. Buy a book as a keepsake and to learn more about the bill

  3. Donate to help us have enough books to take with us as we visit Congressional offices, mail to House Reps and Senators, cover postage, gas and travel, etc.

Click on the book photo to go to the print on demand store and buy books. Scan or click the QR Code to go to the Texas Caregivers for Compromise Paypal Donation page.

As always, financial support is NOT NECESSARY but we do need you to begin calling your Congressional Reps in the House and asking them to support H.R.8331! Details about the bill are on the Texas Caregivers for Compromise Website.

Our cover photo is precious Estella Villapondo, submitted by her daughter, Veronica Sosa. Estella entered skilled nursing in Austin in February 2020 but March 13th was her last in-person access with family due to the lockdown implemented that day. Not even her 80 year old husband was allowed to visit her. Estella suffered from Parkinson’s and Lewy Body dementia and had her 81st birthday on May 8. She passed away 20 days later.

Texas does not forget our loved ones, their suffering, or the sacrifices they made. Nor should we be content that long-term care residents in Texas are safe from isolation when residents in the other 49 states are not.

We are Texas Caregivers for Compromise and we are #notgoingaway!

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