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H.R.3733 - The National Essential Caregivers Act

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney out of New York has filed H.R, 3733 which makes two essential caregivers in each facility mandatory if that facility accepts Medicaid or Medicare funding. Read details about advocacy and bill information here.

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In addition to visitation, many residents have been denied rights that outside visitors provide and help protect like the right to use their own property, to receive mail, to vote, to choose their own doctor, to wear their own clothes, to talk to their attorney, to make medical decisions, to privacy, to refuse treatments, or to even practice their religion. Residents also lost the protection from the potential for abuse and neglect that comes from outside visitors who check hydration and cleanliness, make sure the resident is eating, notice unreported bruises, injuries, bed sores, and signs of untreated illness. These are some of the many reasons the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 was put in place and why H.R.3733 and essential caregivers are about more than visitation. 

Texas Caregivers for Compromise is big and loud and hard to miss. But, we cannot celebrate the success of legislation in our own state if people in long-term care in all states are not afforded the same increment of restorrd rights.  

Comments by Mary Nichols at June 30, 2021 Washington, DC panel on the Essential Caregiver Act

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Order your copy of "Protecting Them to Death: The Impact of Isolation in Long-term Care"

This book is an advocacy publication from The Essential Caregiver Movement containing stories from families in all 50 states who have loved ones who lived in long-term care facilities during isolation protocols. These stories demonstrate the devastating effects the isolation protocols have had on long-term care residents and their loved ones. The book encourages legislators to put legislation in place to make sure the suffering does not continue and occur again in a future health emergency.

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Bill Author and Sponsors

Bill Author & Co-sponsors

It is our hope that while this bill was filed by Congresswomen Claudia Tenney (NY-22) with Representatives John B. Larson (CT-01) and co-sponsor John Rutherford (FL-04), that the dozen other co-sponsors with more signing every day is an indication of the same bi-partisan  recognition we saw in Texas of the need to correct an atrocious corporate violation of American Civil Rights. We are grateful to Congresswoman Tenney for listening, hearing, and trusting the essential caregivers who know  the painful results of well-meaning but  misguided attempts to keep long-term care residents safe.

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Caregivers for Compromise 

Mountain Movers

There is a Caregivers for Compromise group in every state in the country and we have Mary Daniel of Florida to thank. (pictured left). She not only represents  Caregivers for Compromise in her state but founded  the entire nation-wide "Caregivers for Compromise Because Isolation Kills, Too!" movement! Mary Nichols  (middle) leads Texas Caregivers for Compromise, the group that introduced the essential caregiver concept to Texas and led the charge to incorporate them into emergency visitation  guidelines and statute. Karla Abraham Conley (right) leads NY Caregivers for Compromise and initiated the advocacy of Congresswoman Tenney  and  helped write  H.R.3733 with participation from resident advocates like Caregivers for Compromise!

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Advocates Across the Nation

Advocacy Participants

Dozens of essential caregivers and advocates from across the United States were in Washington DC on June 30th calling for Congress to pass H.R.3733!

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